meet our team


Ashten Dorris

[preschool director & early childhood minister]


I am thrilled to be part of the team here at Sprouts, and I could not imagine doing anything else with my life. I hold my certification in teaching early childhood through 6th grade, but my passion is working with the younger children in a ministry based program. I have just completed my third year teaching Pre-K at Little Leopards Child Development Center in Lovejoy ISD. I previously taught Kindergarten at Puster Elementary in Lovejoy ISD for four years. I look forward to providing an opportunity to instill a love of learning at school and in everyday experiences. I am excited to be able to build a foundation for each child’s relationship with Christ. Learning in Early Childhood is especially rewarding because it paves the way for their learning in the years to come! 

Thank you for trusting me with your child this year. Please know my door is always open to you.  


Ashten Dorris

Birthday: November 9th

Her Favorites:

Candy: M&Ms & Junior Mints

Fast Food: Panda Express & Chick Fil A

Flower: Gerber Daisies

Hobby: Reading

Shopping: Stitch Fix

Restaurant: Christina's 

Scent: Tropical/Beachy

Snack: Chips & Salsa, Cheetos, & Cheez-It Party Mix

Mary Wells

[assistant director]


Birthday: February 23rd

Her Favorites:

Candy: Reese's & Peanut Butter M&Ms

Fast Food: Chick Fil A

Flower: Roses, or anything really!

Hobby: Reading

Shopping: Target

Restaurant: Tx Roadhouse & Cheesecake Factory 

Scent: Essential Oils

Snack: Coffee, Popcorn, Salsa/Queso & Chips








Miss Melanie

[fourth years teacher]


Birthday: August 10th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Twix

Fast Food: McAlister's Deli

Flower: Hydrangea

Hobby: Baking

Shopping: Target, Old Navy & Amazon

Restaurant: Chuy's

Scent: Lavender

Snack: Popcorn




Miss Courtney

[fourth years teacher]



Birthday: December 2nd

Her Favorites:

Candy: Starburst

Fast Food: DD, Taco Shack & Dillas

Flower: Roses

Hobby: Crafting

Shopping: Amazon, Hobby Lobby & Nordstrom Rack

Restaurant: Lava Cantina & Perry's





Miss Ashley

[second years teacher]

Birthday: November 2oth

Her Favorites:

Candy: Peanut m&ms, Sour Patch Kids

Fast Food: Chick Fil A, Cane's & Sonic

Flower: Succulent

Hobby: mani/pedis & holiday home decor

Shopping: Amazon, Target, Old Navy

Restaurant: TX Roadhouse, & Salsa

Scent: Vanilla, & Sugar Cookie

Snack: Chex Mix, Chocolate Covered Almonds/Peanuts

Miss Susan

[second years teacher]

Birthday: October 26th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Dark Chocolate, Sour Patch Kids & Sweedish Fish

Fast Food: Chick Fil A, Cane's, WhataBurger

Flower: Any white flowers

Hobby: Cooking, Reading Magazines

Shopping: Target, TJMaxx, & Kroger

Restaurant: Salsa

Scent: Clean

Snack: Almonds, Chips & Salsa, Granola & Dried Fruit

Miss LeaAnn

[fourth years teacher]


Birthday: September 5th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Dark Chocolate & Peanut M&Ms

Fast Food: Chick Fil A, Chipotle, & Freebirds

Flower: Any really! Carnations, Roses, Daisies

Hobby: Movies & Family Time

Shopping: Target & Amazon

Restaurant: Mexican/TexMex Places

Scent: Autumn scents, cinnamon

Snack: Dark Chocolate Almonds, Pretzels, Popcorn

Color: Blue


Miss Anna

[first years teacher]


Birthday: July 28th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Kit Kat & Hot Tamales

Fast Food: Chick Fil A

Flower: Any really! 


Shopping: Target

Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, Chicken Salad Chick

Scent: Any!

Snack: Nuts & Popcorn


Miss Alicia

[fourth years teacher]

Birthday: April 23rd

Her Favorites:

Candy: Butterfinger & Skittles

Fast Food: Chick Fil A & Cane's

Flower: Lilies

Hobby: Going to the Movies, Scrapbooking & Camping

Shopping: Hobby Lobby & Target

Restaurant: On the Border & Olive Garden

Scent: Autumn scents, pumpkin etc.

Snack: Cool Ranch Doritos & Root Beer

Miss Heather

[first years teacher]

Birthday: January 16th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Red Twizzlers

Fast Food: Chick Fil A & Panera Bread

Flower: Purple Calla Lily 

Hobby: Cooking & Refinishing furniture

Shopping: HomeGoods, Lowe's & Ulta

Restaurant: Tx Roadhouse, Roy's

Scent: Cotton & Ocean

Snack: Salted Peanuts & Coke Zero

Miss Kelly

[third years teacher]


Birthday: May 13t

Her Favorites:

Candy: Milk Chocolate

Fast Food: Chick Fil A

Flower: Daffodils

Hobby: Horseback Riding & Reading

Shopping: Target

Restaurant: Mellow Mushroom

Scent: Vanilla

Snack: Fruit

Miss Johonna

[third years teacher]


Birthday: February 17th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Dark Chocolate

Fast Food: Chick Fil A

Flower: Tulips

Hobby: Baking

Shopping: Target & Amazon

Restaurant: Chuy's  

Scent: Apple

Snack: Coffee


Miss Melissa

[sanitation fairy]


Birthday: August 10th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Chocolate Truffles from Hey Sugar! in Celina

Fast Food: Chick Fil A

Flower: Hubby is allergic :-(


Shopping: Painted Tree Marketplace in Frisco

Restaurant: Anything Mexican!

Scent: Scentsy Brand Citrus

Snack: Parmesan & Garlic Popcorn from Mom & Popcorn in McKinney


Miss Debbie

[music & chapel]


Birthday: April 4th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Any milk chocolate with caramel!

Fast Food: Panda Express, Cane's & Sonic

Flower: Roses

Hobby: Crafting with paper

Shopping: Hobby Lobby, Mardel's, & Target

Restaurant: Olive Garden & Cheesecake Factory 

Scent: Not a big fan of scented things

Snack: Gold Fish, Animal Crackers

Miss Krista

[fourth years teacher]

Birthday: July 10th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Sour Gummies

Fast Food: Panera Bread & In&Out

Flower: Tulips, Roses

Hobby: Decor Magazines, Movies, Cooking, Spa

Shopping: Target, Amazon, & DSW

Restaurant: Chuy's, Olive Garden, Tx Road House

Scent: Young Living Essential Oils

Snack: Popcorn, Brownies & Herbal Tea

Miss Katelyn

[third years teacher]

Birthday: December 9th

Her Favorites:

Candy: Twislers

Fast Food: Cane's

Flower: Dasies

Hobby: Playing Soccer

Shopping: Target

Restaurant: Olive Garden

Scent: Fall Scents

Snack: Cheetos