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meet our team

ashten-director 2.JPG

Ashten Dorris

[preschool director & early childhood minister]

Birthday: November 9th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: vanilla Dr. Pepper easy ice

Swig Drink: Texas Tab

Starbucks Drink: White Mocha w/ Oatmilk and Toffeenut

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Christina's, Papa Gallo's

Flowers: gerber daisies

Scent: fruity/beach/tropical

Sweet Treat: brownies

Salty Treat: chips & salsa, cheez-it snack mix

Gift Cards: Target, Stitch Fix, Starbucks

To Relax: pedicures & reading


Mary Wells

[assistant director]


Birthday: February 23rd

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Iced Tea with lemon

Swig Drink: Buttery Beer

Starbucks Drink: Seasonal drinks- Flat White with Oatmilk

Restaurant: CFA, Chipotle, TX Roadhouse

Flowers: all!

Scent: not vanilla

Sweet Treat:ice cream, peanut butter m&ms

Salty Treat: chips & salsa

Gift Cards: Andy's Custard, Target

To Relax: reading & massages





fours team
IMG_4164 (1).jpg

Miss Kellye

[TK teacher]


Birthday: April 4th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: strawberry slush

Swig Drink: Dr. Pepper

Starbucks Drink:strawberry acai refresher

Restaurant: Chipotle & Olive Garden

Flowers: tulips

Scent: vanilla

Sweet Treat: M&Ms & Reese's

Salty Treat: Dots Pretzels or Pita Chips

Gift Cards: Amazon, Chipotle or Target

To Relax: watch movies at home




erian 1 2023.jpg

Miss Erian

[fourth years teacher]


Birthday: June 6th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Vanilla Dr Pepper

Swig Drink: Naughty & Nice

Starbucks Drink: Hazlenut Latte

Restaurant: CFA, or anything in downtown McKinney

Flowers: daisies

Scent: vanilla

Sweet Treat:Cookies, oreos, M&M

Salty Treat: popcorn, cheez-its

Gift Cards: Amazon, Chick Fil A, Willow House, Barnes & Noble

To Relax: pedicures & reading




janie 1 2023.jpg

Miss Janie

[fourth years teacher]



Birthday: March 27th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: 1/2 sweet tea, 1/2 lemonade

Swig Drink: --

Starbucks Drink: --

Restaurant: Salad & Go, Gloria's & The Gin

Flowers: any!

Scent:anything not sweet

Sweet Treat:anything lemon

Salty Treat: Plain potato chips or Jalepeno Kettle chips

Gift Cards: Amazon/Black Willow

To Relax: Reading, Massages, Pedicures




Miss Konner

[fourth years teacher]

Birthday: Nov 1

Her Favorites: 

Sonic Drink: Vanilla Dr. Pepper

Swig Drink: Strawberry Breeze

Starbucks Drink:Iced vanilla latte with oat milk

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Glorias

Flowers: Roses

Scent: Floral

Sweet Treat:Starburst

Salty Treat: Goldfish

Gift Cards: Target or Starbucks

To Relax: Pedicure

Eryn .jpg

Miss Eryn

[fourth years teacher]

Birthday:June 27

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Cherry Slush

Swig Drink: --

Starbucks Drink:--

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Blue Goose, 54th St, Salata

Flowers: All!

Scent: Fresh

Sweet Treat:Cadbury Mini Eggs

Salty Treat: Chips & Queso

Gift Cards: Amazon, Massage Envy

To Relax: Reading

molly 1 2023.jpg

Miss Molly

[fourth years teacher]


Birthday:Sept 23rd

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Vanilla Dr Pepper

Swig Drink: N/A

Starbucks Drink:Iced Mocha

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, any Tex Mex

Flowers: Roses of Wildflowers

Scent: Fresh & Floral

Sweet Treat:Icecream

Salty Treat: Chips & Salsa/Queso

Gift Cards: Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Coffee

To Relax: Netflix & Bubble Bath


Miss Mandie

[fourth years teacher]


Birthday:Oct 25

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Cherry Limeade

Swig Drink: Strawberry Breeze

Starbucks Drink:Iced brown sugar espresso

Restaurant: Panera, Papa Gallo's

Flowers: Peonies

Scent: White Tea & Sage Bergamot

Sweet Treat: Icecream & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salty Treat: Chips, all the chips!

Gift Cards: Target/Ulta/Buff City soap

To Relax: Reading

threes team
Bre I(1).jpg

Miss Bre

[third years teacher]


Birthday: Aug 14th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Cherry Limeade

Swig Drink: Beach Bum

Starbucks Drink: Lemonade

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Red Lobster

Flowers: Yellow Flowers

Scent: Vanilla

Sweet Treat: Sour Patch Kids

Salty Treat: Ruffles Wavy

Gift Cards: Amazon, Target

To Relax: Spa Treatment


Miss Felicia

[third years teacher]


Birthday:  Oct 4th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Vanilla DP, Sweet Tea, Water with Blackberry

Swig Drink: Texas Tab

Starbucks Drink: Cinnamon Dolce Latte , Java Chip Frappe

Restaurant: CFA, Panera, Cheesecake Factory, Tx Roadhouse

Flowers: Any

Scent: Any

Sweet Treat: Andy's Ice Cream, Peanut Butter M&M's, Tiff Treats

Salty Treat: Dots Pretzels, Pop Chips, Trail Mix

Gift Cards: Amazon, Target, Ulta

To Relax: Pedicures, Facials, Shopping


Sarah 2023.jpg

Miss Sarah

[third years teacher]


Birthday:March 3rd

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: --

Swig Dring: --

Starbucks Drink: --

Sweet Treat: chocolate chip Crumbl cookie

Salty Treat: French Fries

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Glorias, Hydrangea 

Flowers: hydrangea

Shopping: Amazon or Walmart

Relaxing: Movies or Pedicure

Scent: Cinnamon or Linen


heather S 2 2023.jpg

Miss Heather

[third years teacher]


Birthday: May 6th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Vanilla Coke

Swig Drink: --

Starbucks Drink:Decaf Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

Restaurant: Freddie's, Whataburger, Tx Roadhouse

Flowers: Hibiscus, or anything pink!

Scent: Cotton Candy, Lavender, any candle

Sweet Treat: Lemon Meringue pie, Reeses Pieces, Kit Kat

Salty Treat: Beef Jerkey, French Fries, Chips and Salsa

Gift Cards: Amazon, Bath and Body Works, Ulta

To Relax: Spa day, Yoga, Reading, Going to a beach.


twos team
andrea-3 2023.jpg

Miss Andrea

[second years teacher]


Birthday:August 6th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Slightly sweet tea w/ peach

Swig Drink: Pink Bahama

Starbucks Drink:Iced Chai Tea Latte w/ Oatmilk

Restaurant: Jersey Mike's, Whataburger, Sushi Bene, Toasted Walnut

Flowers: tulips or anything planted

Scent: lavender & coconut

Sweet Treat: cronuts & dove dark chocolate

Salty Treat:Snyder's cheddar pretzels and gardettos

Gift Cards: Target, Sephora, and Amazon

To Relax: bath or pedicure



Miss Cathy

[second years teacher]


Birthday: Jan 12th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: unsweet peach iced tea

Swig Drink: tiki tiki

Starbucks Drink:Iced caffe latte

Restaurant: In n Out, The Yard

Flowers: anything red, purple or yellow

Scent: philosophy amazing grace

Sweet Treat: chocolate chip cookie

Salty Treat: chex mix

Gift Cards: Pottery Barn or Trader Joe's

To Relax: reading, or time with my dog, Clark


jessica-1 2023.jpg

Miss Jessica

[second years aide]


Birthday: Jan 18th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: strawberry limeade

Swig Drink: strawberry breeze sparkling

Starbucks Drink:pink drink

Restaurant: chick fil a, gloria's

Flowers: all

Scent: volcano

Sweet Treat: reese's

Salty Treat: skinny pop

Gift Cards: target, chick fil a

To Relax: ice cream!


Miss Chelsea

[second years aide]


Birthday: Oct 5th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: vanilla DP

Swig Drink: hula girl or the tropic

Starbucks Drink:iced pumpkin chai

Restaurant: chick fil a, chipotle, toasted walnut

Flowers: sunflowers

Scent: floral or fresh

Sweet Treat: milk duds or nerds gummy clusters

Salty Treat: bbq chips, chips & queso

Gift Cards: amazon, hobby lobby

To Relax: TV, making bracelets or lanyards

ones team

Miss Haley

[first years teacher]


Birthday:Nov 15th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Coke Zero

Swig Drink: Big Al

Starbucks Drink: sweet cream vanilla cold brew

Restaurant: Chick fil a, Gloria's

Flowers: sunflowers

Scent: lavender, fall, christmas

Sweet Treat: Nerds clusters, & Charleston Chew Bite Sized

Salty Treat: kettle corn

Shopping: Homegoods, Amazon, Starbucks

To Relax: Best Foot Forward in Prosper



Miss Jenni

[first years teacher]


Birthday:June 25th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Diet Coke

Swig Drink: Big Al

Starbucks Drink: Skinny Iced Vanilla latte w/ extra shot of espresso & cold cream foam

Restaurant: Jersey Mike's, Mod, Gloria's, Samui

Flowers: peonies, gerber daisies

Scent: coconut & vanilla

Sweet Treat: chocolate & sour gummies

Salty Treat: Nuts, Popcorn, Beef Jerky

Shopping: Target. Amazon, Starbucks

To Relax: Hot bath, Mani/Pedi or the beach!


Bre W.jpg

Miss Bre

[first years teacher]


Birthday:Oct 16th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Sweet Iced Tea

Swig Drink: Tx Tab

Starbucks Drink: pumpkin cream cold brew

Restaurant: Chick fil A, Chili's

Flowers: tulips

Scent: floral

Sweet Treat: junior mints

Salty Treat: any chips

Gift Card: dunkin donuts

To Relax: podcasts & Netflix



Miss Danielle

[first years aide]


Birthday: Aug 11

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: coke zero sugar

Swig Drink: island time

Starbucks Drink: white choc mocha w/ almond milk, no whip

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Chipotle, Gloria's, Spoon & Fork

Flowers: hydrangeas

Scent: Vanilla

Sweet Treat: Twix & Kit Kat

Salty Treat: Onyos (Funyuns), Honey Mustard Dots & Teriyaki beef jerky

Shopping: Home Goods or Hobby Lobby

To Relax: Grand Lux Nails



Miss Ericka

[first years aide]


Birthday: July 9

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: coke

Swig Drink: frozen strawberry breeze

Starbucks Drink: Vanila Bean Frap and Hot Chocolate Mocha

Restaurant: In n Out, Lombardi's

Flowers: roses

Scent: cranberry

Sweet Treat: strawberry or vanilla cake

Salty Treat: spicy nacho doritos

Shopping: Sephora, Ulta, Target and Amazon

To Relax: Netflix


infants team
heather r.-2 2023.jpg

Miss Heather

[infants teacher]


Birthday:January 16th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: ocean water

Swig Drink: 

Starbucks Drink: matcha latte

Restaurant: Texas Road House, Gloria's

Sweet Treat:Coke Zero

Salty Treat: peanuts & almonds

Gift Cards: TJ Maxx, Target, Hobby Lobby

Flowers: magnolias & lillies


To Relax: 


amy 2 2023_edited.jpg

Miss Amy

[infants aide]


Birthday: Feb 25th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: Diet Coke

Swig Drink: ??

Starbucks Drink: mocha cookie crumble frap

Sweet Treat: almond m&ms, Twix

Salty Treat: cheddar Chex mix, cool ranch Doritos

Restaurant: Chick Fil A, Tx Roadhouse

Flowers: all!

Gift Cards: Target, Barnes & Noble, Cinimark

Scent: coconut or fruity

To Relax: reading on my Nook


support staff

Miss Katie

[M/W chaplain]



Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink:

Swig Drink: 

Starbucks Drink: 




Sweet Treat: 

Salty Treat: 


To Relax: 


jillian 2.jpg

Miss Jillian



Birthday: March 26th

Her Favorites:

Sonic Drink: unsweet iced tea w/ lemon

Swig Drink: sparkling pretty in pink

Starbucks Drink: vanilla sweet cream cold brew

Sweet Treat:Reese's dark choc thins

Salty Treat: popcorn

Restaurant: Sonic, or anything Mexican!

Flowers: colorful

Shopping: Amazon, Target, Sonic

To Relax: pedicures

Scent: Fresh & light


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